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Diaster Recovery - Business Continuity
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Diaster Recovery / Business Continuity

As the organisations are catering to beyond the boundaries of India, it is imperative that the requisite IT infrastructure is available always – irrespective a disaster striking the main Data Center ot it being a planned downtime.

Why do customers typically need Disaster Recovery site
  • Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity
  • Wide Area High Availability
  • Planned Site Migration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Site Consolidation
  • Follow-the-Sun Processing
  • Content Distribution
  • Backup Centralization
  • Off-host Processing
  • Geographic Load Balancing

The IT infrastruture not being available could mean
  • Loss of Revenue/ Market Share
  • Reputation being hit
  • Loss of Employees
  • Customers are dissatisfied
  • Competition gets an edge over your company

What Ashtech contributes to the customer in the Diaster Recovery / Business Continuity area are
  • Assessment
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Test
  • Manage

The key points that are required to be understood from customer to enable the appropriate Planning and Solution recommendation are
  • Recovery Time expectation
  • Recovery Point expectation

What are the typical benefits?

Improvement in flexibility & productivity
  • Non-disruptive data center upgrades/ migrations
  • Non-disruptive test of new applications
  • Improve performance by load balancing applications between data centers
  • Move non-production data uses to remote site (ex. data warehousing)

The Approach
  • Understanding the customer needs in event of disaster

    • Help identify the appropriate DR/ BC site

    • Plan the DR/ BC Strategy

      • Applications that need to be avbl.
      • Users who need to be able to access the DR/ BC site

    • Expected Time to recover

    • Expected Stage upto which recovery needs to be done

      • Does the data at remote end need to be Real Time
      • Could the data be Near Real Time
      • Can recovery strategy be based on Logs of Database
      • Can recovery be as per the last day backup of primary site

    • Document the Recovery Strategy

      • Assist in building the internal team
      • SCOPE definition
      • Assist in Manual preparation
        • Prepare the process document
        • Prepare the Responsibility matrix etc.
      • Document the Test Plan

    • Test the PLAN on a regular basis

    • Offisite Backup Storage + Recovery Strategy
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