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Storage + Backup Infrastructure
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Storage + Backup Infrastructure

DATA is integral to any IT Compute Infrastructure – if Data is not available, the infrastructure is of no use. The Compute infrastructure is of no use to Business if the Data within the compute infrastructure is not available for Analysis which enables better planning for Business growth.

Also as the compute infrastructure grows, the key pain point becomes the Management of Storage (or may we call it DATA) – issues like need for Storage space, hetrogenous environment, people dependency increases, need for Disaster Recovery, Backup window, etc.

Understanding the key need of customers application, we enable decision making for choice of storage solutions.

Storage/ Backup

Understanding the application needs
  • Performance
  • Growth trends
  • Backup approach

Understand the user central storage needs
  • Does user want the IT team to take backup on centralised backup infra
  • Should backup of user data happen seemless on the centralised storage

Understanding the IT team concerns
  • Storage management
  • Abrupt need for storage on servers
  • Hetrogenouse environment
  • Backup Window being very high

Understand the overall needs & architect the appropriate technology for storage
  • SAN [Storage Area Network]
  • NAS [Network Attached Storage]
  • Application Performance Improvement Solutions
  • iSCSI
  • SAN + NAS Integration

Understand the Backup needs & architect the Backup/ Recovery infrastructure & strategy
  • Tape Drive Selection

    • Standalone
    • Autoloader
    • Tape Library

      • SCSI
      • FC based

  • Automated Backup

    • Solution recommendation
    • Implementation
    • Documentation for Recovery procedures/ offsite backup

  • Backup Network Architecting

    • LAN based
    • FC based
    • Host Free (using SAN infra)
    • Disk based solutions

  • Point in time based solutions

    • Instant backup (dependent) within disk

  • Split Mirror based solutions to enable

    • Offline backup (Independent)
    • Datawarehousing related processing
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